Day: 15 May 2020

Lower Loveday - I'd Do Anything - Single Review

Lower Loveday – I’d Do Anything – Single Review

Having seen Lower Loveday perform in venues around Worcester, most notably at Worcester Music Festival, I have followed their progress avidly via social media, with their song “The fire that burns inside” becoming a well played addition to my local […]

Max Stockin - YOU - Single Review

Max Stockin – YOU – Single Review

It’s no secret that since reviewing “Better to Burn”, the second single from Max Stockin since venturing into a solo career after “Do you Remember”, I’ve been keen to put pen to paper (or finger to screen if we’re going […]

La Vivas – Working Class Symphonies - EP Review

La Vivas – Working Class Symphonies – EP Review

Is our divided society broken, or simply spluttering along like a tired old Vauxhall Viva? In these un-presidential times, we have the unprecedented spectacle on social media of “state-actors” that profess to “serve and protect” tasering unarmed men, following unprovoked […]

Straight For The Sun

Straight For The Sun – Walk – Single Review

Having previously reviewed the EP “No Tomorrow” from Straight For The Sun, I vowed to follow their process and I’ve been excited to hear the new stuff they are putting out for our listening pleasure. This 5 piece Birmingham based […]