Day: 18 May 2020

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Eva and the Blue Dive – Written in Red – Single Review

“Written in Red” by Eva and The Blue Dive has been out since March, and it’s a heartfelt, passionate piece of indie-folk with plaintive vocals.  I was reminded of The Cranberries, in how Eva’s elegiac voice stands against the shimmering guitars […]

The Leon Daye Band - Stone Cold Mama - single Review

The Leon Daye Band – Stone Cold Mama – Single Review

Two years ago, Cirencester based singer-songwrite Leon Daye, delivered a ‘Gift’ of an EP. An acclaimed release that found favour with the gig going public of Gloucestershire and beyond as he became a regular on the live music scene. Following […]

Zilch - Drought - single Review

Zilch – Drought – single Review

Struggling to get out of bed in a morning, as the days, hours and minutes all merge into one during lockdown. Well grab some headphones, and turn up the volume, and let Zilch wake you up with their new single. […]

White Noise Cinema – Between the lights

White Noise Cinema – Between the lights

“Evil prospers when good men do nothing.” – thankfully, White Noise Cinema are six good men and for them the thought of doing nothing and not making music during the enforced hiatus is total anathema… As we know creativity is […]