Day: 3 June 2020

SLAP Mag News Roundup June 2020

SLAP Mag News Roundup June 2020

Welcome to the SLAP Mag news roundup June 2020 covering recent news and information for arts and music news from around the region. Don’t forget if you wish to contribute to SLAP Mag then please get in touch with us. […]


Heinz-Sight – Honeybee – Single Review

Have you ever noticed how much things change over time? When I first saw Heinz-Sight perform, he was a bundle of nerves on stage at the Marrs Bar, a guy who lyrically ripped open his chest, took out his heart, […]

The Arboretum - Parallaxis

The Arboretum – Parallaxis – Single Review

The Arboretum, or Arborectum as I somewhat childishly refer to it is an unprepossessing, canal hugging area of Worcester, near to the centre and noted for it’s neat rows of terraced red brick houses. I’ve no idea if this is […]