Day: 26 July 2021

Photo of Recovery Poems visited the city centre for visitors to discover during the day including South Quay

Local community groups inspired by visit from large light poem

Emergency Exit Arts’ Recovery Poems visited Worcester city centre and communities this week as part of The Arches Worcester Festivals’ Same But Different. Recovery Poems, is the creation of artists Robert Mongomery and Deanna Rodger inspired by the thoughts and […]

The Arches Festivals Same But Different

Streets of Worcester painted with the words of local poets

10 local poets have had their words painted onto the city’s streets as part of The Arches Worcester Festivals’ Same But Different. The short poems selected by The Arches Worcester Festivals team have been written by local poets and creative […]

Album cover for Giving Love by Prem Seva

Giving Love by Prem-Seva – Album Review

This is an epic album. Not “epic” meaning excellent as it does in the playground, nor “epic” meaning a huge widescreen sound. This album is epic in the scope of its ambition and the voyage the songs take you on […]

Single cover for General Practice by Y!KES

General Practice by Y!KES – Single Review

When I hear Y!KES have new music out, I expect loud and punchy, fast paced Punk/Rock energy. New release “General Practice” doesn’t lack in energy but it does deliver it in a different way to previous releases. And the result […]

Single cover for Work It by Sebastian

Work It by Sebastian – Single Review

Being a music reviewer, many different genres are thrown my way, and I am happily open minded to all. One genre I knew very little about was funk. Minneapolis sound is a sub genre of funk rock with elements of […]