Photo of Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl Kennedy)
With support from: Riley Catherall
Saturday 20th July – The Marr’s Bar, Worcester
£17 in advance, £20 on the door

Advance tickets available online

Alan Fletcher, a household name in the UK for his portrayal of Dr. Karl Kennedy in the popular Australian drama “Neighbours,” is also a seasoned musician. Known for his decade-long stint with the touring band The Waiting Room, Fletcher and his band left a lasting impression with their unique rock n roll performances across the UK.

Since 2019, Fletcher has turned his focus to Americana and Alt-Country music, collaborating with renowned Australian producers Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella. Together, they have crafted an EP and an album filled with alternatively poignant and humorous songs that explore themes of life, love, loss, and beer. The album, “The Point,” has garnered widespread praise for its engaging and original compositions. It offers a classically crafted yet contemporary sound, delivering a wide spectrum of emotions with infectious honesty.

Fletcher’s prowess as a live performer was further highlighted by his successful two-week UK tour in 2023, showcasing his talent and connecting with audiences on a personal level.

Sorry is the Word by Alan Fletcher featuring Alyce Platt

Joining him on tour is Riley Catherall, Melbourne’s rising star of Alt-Country music. With his debut album “When I Go” earning both national praise and international attention, Catherall’s poetic sincerity and captivating live shows have established him as one of Australia’s most promising songwriters. His latest single, “Bark At The Moon,” continues to build on his reputation, offering fans a glimpse into the next chapter of this patient and arresting storyteller’s journey.

Riley Catherall – Bark At The Moon

Don’t miss the chance to experience Alan Fletcher and Riley Catherall live, where the richness of their storytelling and musical talent come together for an unforgettable performance.

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