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A concept album colliding narrative imagination and rock talent!

This album delivers a message, a provocative and dark musical vision of a possible future trajectory and impact. The project, ‘2045’, is a compelling listen. The strongly narrative album draws you into the world of Erebus Rising with an old-school album design, evoking a retro vibe of prog rock gatefolds, the scent of faded patchouli, friends gathered, seated, in low light on shag rugs with Rizla packets and band logos painted on faded denim and oil-scented leather. Yet it is strangely current and playfully prophetic. Erebus Rising emerges from well-researched stories from Babylon, exploring asteroids colliding, imagined by natural storytellers and a collective of talented musicians.

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Erebus Rising by Pete Smith

This has clearly been a considered project—political, satirical, tinged with humour but predominantly a loaded wake-up call. Concept originators and omnipotent directors Peter Nash and Antony Griffiths take you on a musical voyage into the dire mess humanity has created for itself, cleverly woven into a concept album that is refreshingly retro yet forward-looking. Erebus Rising offers lyrical layers that reveal a stage of characters and musical influences as diverse as Bowie to Tom Waits, in what Griffiths describes as an ‘Audio Feast’.

2045 by Erebus Rising

This album cleverly spans time, with one foot in the 70s, yet there are comparisons to more contemporary acts. Perhaps Yard Act’s direct, straight-talking style comes to mind, although unlike ‘100% Endurance’, the confident optimism of continuation is not guaranteed!

The vocals are shared between band members and guests, creating a sense of unity in belief, with each song bringing a new vibe and a new perspective to enrich the narrative. The first single to be released is ‘Imminent Impact’ (20 June 2024), with concept originator Pete Nash setting the stage with a gritty rock prelude. The second single release (due 28 June 2024) is the bouncy dance-rock ballad ‘Worlds on Fire’, a Copesque (think Teardrops) song performed by Antony Griffiths, stepping centre stage from behind the drums.

Actor and singer Alex Jones is the guest vocalist on The Dice’, delivering a confident performance as a showman-style ringmaster, with darkly comedic quips as the dice select the survivors. Jones brings his professional stage experience to ‘The Dice’, certainly a track that will engage the crowds; it’s an exciting and catchy tune I’m keen to see live! Simon Rosellys (known for his work with the alternative country band The Rosellys) and keyboardist Roger Devereux add additional flavour and skills as the album journeys through some headily influential sounds. Jon Arnold on rhythm and lead guitar is polished and professional, with strong riffs echoing early Oasis. Ian Harding’s vocals on ‘The Great Reveal’ gently flow with harmonies reminiscent of Ian Broudie and The Lightning Seeds. Nash’s passion for the project is shared with his son ‘The Boy’ (guest vocalist on ‘I Am the One’), their enthusiastic banter and creative ideas evident during the hour we spent chatting. Although Nash and Griffiths are used to providing backing vocals with previous bands, neither have taken the lead position before now, but both deliver solid recordings, and their live performances will offer an eclectic variety to keep the audience entertained.

Local media guru Pete Nash’s ambitious vision has now materialised. It’s interesting, engaging, and a surprisingly good listen, already receiving positive feedback and garnering a fan club eagerly awaiting the next instalment. The tracks stand alone, but I recommend setting aside a comfortable session to enjoy the whole experience. Listen, buy, and catch them live. Erebus is rising!

Imminent Impact, the first single from Malvern rock band Erebus Rising is now released on Spotify, Apple Music and a host of other music sites. 

2045 by Erebus Rising is also available on Band Camp.

By: By Juliet Mootz

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