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Gigjuice free event
Friday 9th June, 2pm upstairs at Wildwood in Crowngate, Worcester

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Have you ever been out one evening and thought “I wonder what live music is on tonight?”. Well that’s exactly how Gigjuice, a free social media platform exclusively for anything music related, started. Between founders Mandy and Steve, Mandy knew which venues to check, but Steve had no idea and asked if an app that listed such events would be useful for people like him.

So Gigjuice was born

Never heard of Gigjuice? Well you soon will. Speaking to Mandy Horobin ahead of an event that is being held on Friday 9th June at Wildwood in Worcester, I asked her who Gigjuice was aimed at:-

“Gigjuice is for gig-goers, artists, venues, businesses, promoters, festivals, DJs and radio stations. The intention is to help venues stay open, and help band keep going. The larger venues could attract gig-goers who could then find smaller pubs they didn’t know about who put on live music. We are stronger together”.

Asking in more detail what this online platform can do to help, other than listing gigs,  Mandy explained:- “Artists and gig-goers can set up a profile, which is great for bands that don’t have a website, as from there they can sell tickets and merchandise without high commission charges. They can also include links to music and videos so that new fans can discover them”

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However it’s not only the bands advertising their gigs that benefit:-

“Gigjuice has a feed for posts, so that artists and fans can converse and build up a rapport (perhaps find a gig buddy). Gig-goers can link up and share gigs with each other, and can also mark interested in gigs and get email reminders.”

Venues will also benefit as they are able to see how many people are planning to pay on the door, to help prevent gigs getting cancelled.

Gigjuice is the place to go to find out what’s on in your area, see photos and listen to sample tracks. It’s a one stop shop to advertise gigs, find gigs and share recommendations.

So would you like to know more?

Then head on down to Wildwood at 2pm on Friday 9th June, where app creators Mandy and Steve will be on hand to answer all your questions and listen to your suggestions to help this exciting platform grow. They will be able to help you set up your profile and show you the benefits of the app.

So whether you’re an avid gig-goer who wants to find out what’s on, or a band with a gig to promote, get yourselves down to Wildwood and check out how to get all the info you need in one place.
By: Kate Ford

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