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Due to recent lockdown restrictions Division of Labour, with UK galleries based in Salford and Worcester, have entered into a new partnership with the University of Worcester.

The Art House on Castle Street will be the new home for the 2020-2021 exhibition programme, utilising both the vitrine windows and the Glass Gallery. Whilst traditional galleries and museums remain closed to visitors, this new platform allows artwork to be displayed to the public without the need for stepping inside the gallery.

The Art House will feature the very best in Art & Design encompassing Fine Art, Illustration and Design, displaying work by students, local creatives and internationally exhibiting artists. The programme is pandemic proof with the external window galleries allowing the exhibitions to be fully accessible for the public to view 24/7.

The first show open to the public will be ‘The Soft Display’ which was previously shown at Paradise Works, Salford. However, interrupted by the second lockdown, it’s relocated to the Arthouse, Worcester where it will remain on display until the 15th January 2021.

In partnership with Paradise Works and supported by Arts Council England, The Soft Display is a group show exploring new sculpture and a current preoccupation with the objective and subjective ‘mass of things’, works that offer kinetic, haptic, poetic and critical reflections on ‘the soft’ and ‘the hard.’ It is co-curated by Division of Labour, Alistair Woods and Kieran Leach

The artist’s individual approaches to making, explore different ideas around the ‘softness’, not only in the materiality of objects but also addressing how the binary hard/soft affect our perception of the world around us. The works in the exhibition play with our understanding of reality and ask us to re-examine our expectations of leisure, class consciousness and the uncanny.

Artists: Dean Kenning, Kieran Leach, Liam Fallon, Harrison Pearce, Maisie Pritchard, Tiz Creel, Rosie McGinn, Katrina Cowling, Andrew Lacon, Priscila Fernades, Harminder Judge, Richard Dean Hughes.

Find the Arts House

Address: The Art House, Castle Street, University of Worcester, Worcester, WR1 3ZB

The exhibition can be viewed from the street until Jan 15th 2021

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