EP cover for Damage Limitation by The Human Error

The impetus urgency of determined youth is breath-taking at times. As captured on the latest offering by local punks the Human Error on their self-made Ep…Damage Limitation.

The stalwarts of the punk scene in the 70s spoke of “smashing the system” and not letting “them” grind you down. The anonymous oppressors were never really realised. The contemporary The Human Error employ corporate speak – “damage limitation” – oh, how times have changed. The Error may be influenced by what went before but are certainly reflecting the now.

Not for these young pups the erroneous preoccupation with shopping mall dalliances; the second track is an elevated opinion on how the “world goes round”. The final track War Torn World shows awareness beyond their years.

Joe Ree’s vocals are reminiscent of a British Billy Joe Armstrong; the guitar work is definitely his own. Joe Brown’s bass is as dependable as the inevitable “twitter storm” on a Monday morning. Adam Walsh’s drummingis a controlled explosion of incendiary rhythm.

If Black Sabbath and Judas Priest et al were the soundscape of the industrial Midlands then Human Error are the sound of the M5 in rush hour.

As a nod to what went before, a cover of theClash’s Capitol Radio is respectfully given the Error treatment. Make no mistake, this callow band of street urchins know their history. The Rolling Stones maintained playing three chords was fun at first but soon becomes boring. Well, I don’t know what became of the Stones but Human Error are certainly having youthful fun. For me, I can’t think about going out tonight, as I need to take some food out of the freezer, to defrost for tea tomorrow.

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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