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26th June 2021

‘Round the year from Stonewall Hill: A journey in time and space’ by painters Mary Rennell and Richard Gilbert and photographer Brian Griffiths. Featuring ‘Round the Year from Stonewall Hill’ by Mary Rennell. 12 drawings in Chinese ink on rice paper (each 153 x 69 cm). All produced over a year from November 1967 to October 1968 from the back seat of her Mini. Exhibited in 1970 at The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, which then purchased the 12 panels. Now after 50 years they are emerging from storage to make their long overdue debut in the county of their creation. Her greatest work in which she merges the techniques and potency of Chinese painting with her beloved borderland as subject. Stonewall Hill possesses glorious majestic views in all directions. Its summit is in English Herefordshire but its western and northern slopes soon slip into Welsh Radnorshire. Mary Rennell sought to capture not only the changing seasons, open sweeping seemingly timeless landscape, contin
Hereford Museum & Art Gallery, Hereford

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