Single cover for Find Me by Liberty Lies

As a new journey for me personally, one of the best thing about reviewing music is that you find gems that you may otherwise not have heard. Liberty Lies is one of those bands for me!

I hadn’t had the pleasure of hearing them before and thanks to SLAP, they are now very much on my radar!

The hard rock four piece from Wolverhampton, UK, who have been gagging to get a return to music, are back with their self recorded and produced, brand new single “Find Me”.

They come straight out of the blocks with a memorable guitar riff, thanks to Josh Pritchett, and the tight rhythm section of Adam Stevens on the Drums and Miles Bagshaw on Bass.

If you’re a fan of Black Stone Cherry this will definitely get you listening!

The vocals (of Shaun Richards) settle in with metaphors of the bad places that we can all find ourselves in and quickly moves to how we should all search for sanctuary for our mind and body. There is a sense that this is a very personal song about self improvement and the plea to loved ones that they can trust that the future is a bright place on the horizon. You can hear that there are dark places that are needing to be laid to rest which is especially relatable with everything that has been going on in the world the last 18 months.

The highly addictive chorus kicks in with “So Find Me…” and you feel yourself being uplifted by the inspirational lyrics of betterment. This song is quite an earworm and I can hear it having extensive radio play on Planet Rock and the like.

“Find Me” gives off vibes of a summer road trip. Cruising along with the windows down and the music up, a cool breeze, shades on and a smile on your face knowing there will be a better tomorrow! 

You should absolutely add this to your playlists, I know it will be in mine!

After a break in pace due to the pandemic, Liberty Lies appear to be on the cusp of greatness and without doubt deserve the recognition.

By: Chris Pearson

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