Fury - We Will Sing

Are you a bored hard-rock fan, looking for a lockdown diversion?  Then Fury have set you a challenge.  This is “We Will Sing” the third song released from their new album called “The Grand Prize”.  “We Will Sing” is a song celebrating Queen.  (Yes, Queen, not THE Queen.) And Fury have tucked away 25 references to Queen songs in the lyrics to their tribute.  Now, I love a bit of Queen and I’ve listened to quite a bit of their music over my life, so I gladly picked up this gauntlet.  I’ll let you know how I got on at the end of the review… 

“We Will Sing” is a song that’s built around bludgeoning riffs which nevertheless leave plenty of space for the drums to show off some playful double bass drum pedal work.  There is a soulful feel in the singer’s voice that elevates this above your normal scream along rock.  All this shimmers away into a middle section of half-time drums, plucked electric guitars and a yearning guitar solo.  It’s like diving into a cool pool of water in the shade, after headbanging in the hot, dusty, dessert sun.  Needless to say, everything gradually shifts up a gear to propel the song into its final verse.  Throughout the song are excellent harmonies, and the combination of male and female vocals is really well blended, which adds depth to the melody.  Rather than layering the song with densely packed guitars, there’s a nice space in how the sound is mixed.  This gives the song a lighter touch than the other songs released from the album, “Burnout” and “Galactic Rock”, which have a harder and more metal edge to their sound. 

So, what of the Queen lyrics reference challenge?  Well, I’m proud to say I spotted 18 out of 25 references, which is pretty good going for a middle-aged indie-kid!  Give it a go yourself and see if you can beat my score… Fury are a band that really know what they’re doing, and if you love hard rock and metal, I promise that this will lift your spirits.   

By: Dan Bramhall

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