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The Lol Goodman Band
The Marrs Bar, Worcester – 19th May 2023
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The Lol Goodman Band burst onto the Blues/Rock scene in 2013 with their debut album, “Old Dogs n Licks,” recorded in a two-day studio session featuring raw and live “first take” recordings. With Lol’s original material and critical acclaim, the band quickly booked gigs at UK blues clubs and festivals.

Playing For Ghosts. The New Album From The Lol Goodman

Though originally a freestyle blues rock 3-piece, the band has evolved with talented musicians joining Lol and the Doc, bringing fresh sounds to each album. The addition of a sax player and keyboardist on their second album, “TAUTOLOGY,” helped the band develop a tighter, more distinctive Blues Rock sound. Their subsequent albums, “Just Wanna Say…. A little bit more” and “Scruddy and the Healing Sun,” released to great acclaim, showcased a Southern gritty blues style with twin lead guitars and a pronounced piano/organ sound, while still retaining their natural British blues feel.

The band prefers playing longer sets to truly immerse themselves in the gig and mostly perform original material from their five albums, with a few lesser-known blues tunes added to stand out from the 3-piece crowd. Besides their formal shows, the band loves playing live, raw, unrehearsed blues classics at smaller venues, blues clubs, and jam sessions.

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