Photo of the band DVTR

Drummonds, Worcester – 5th April 2024

It is important to note the exclamation mark after the support act’s name. They should also, embolden, underline and write their name in italics, for even greater emphasis because…

The confidence and swagger of this young Evesham three-piece is undeniable. The founder of Creation records remarked when unsigned Oasis performed for him in their rehearsal space, they played as if centre stage in a stadium and as if their lives depended on the performance. Last night the entranced onlookers knew the Vale provocateurs would willingly have clocked on for work in an empty undertakers.

Photo of the drummer from the band SAK!

Full of vim, vigour and a vital need to perform, the band set about imposing their own brand of punk-thrash-tomfoolery on the collective. Black Sabbath bass lines gave way to Therapy-esque guitar, Black Flag crooning and headboard-banging drums to create their sound. The result is more nuanced then this suggests. As the drummer asked innocently at one point: “Anyone here like slow Jazz?”

The band must have been happy with their agreed energy tariff, as the energy expended would have made most wince at the smart-meter display. This band doesn’t care – as they are SAK! – and you would do well to remember them.

All would remember when they experienced DVTR for the first time. The visual impact of Laurence Giroux-Do and JC Tellier was immediate. Tellier’s inky-black tattoos, white vest and rolled-up black trousers suggested a 18th century seaman. Giroux-Do’s attire consisted of regulation DMs, complemented with a carefully hacked-up hospital gown. DVTR even insisted on war paint under the eyes (sic).

The stripped -down punk approach was finessed with Tellier’s B&W Rickenbacker, two microphones and a backing track. Anything else would have been superfluous. The duo even readied by the side of the stage. And I have heard longer sound-checks over the tannoy in supermarkets. Magnificent.

John Robb would have greatly approved.

The approval rating in the room was one that energy firms can only aspire! The up-tempo songs are vignettes of invective. The backing tracks give way to on the spot running. The guitar playing is at times punky, funky or both. Giroux-Do & JC Tellier take turns centre stage to hold the gaze in the room. All the while it is not possible to overlook the band’s timing, symmetry and the cogs of rehearsal time intertwine. The energy levels would have challenged a well-known battery promoting rabbit.

Originating from Montreal, the band sing in French but the inter-song introductions were spoken in English. Indeed, DVTR have much to say… “This one is about the Shithead Police – we hate the police in Montreal.” “This one is about the Olympics – we hate the Olympics.” “In fact we hate everything.” All the while the pair smiled and ingratiated themselves still further in the room.

Judging by the need for selfies and the easy conversation with DVTR afterwards the band certainly made their second stay in Worcester mémorable. As for the individual in the home-made star t-shirt, who danced for most of the set, if only we could have harnessed the free énergie on the dance floor? Actually, maybe, perhaps, do you think Punk could save the day?

Merci DVTR et vous serez le bienvenu à tout moment!

By: Swilgate Scuttler

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