Word of Mouth band performing

On Saturday the 15th of October I finally got chance to see this Worcestershire band, and they lived up to all the good stories I heard. The whole band were engaging, not just the frontman and despite a small space they still maintained a stage presence. Really proved that squier guitars can make as good a sound as any other.

Although difficult to describe, the band were having fun on stage, It’s so much easier for a crowd to have a good time when it’s obvious the band are too. If the Rising Festival wanted to make people more enthused with local culture, this was definitely the way to do it.

The crowd themselves were mix of passers by, event staff and the bands family and friends creating a good atmosphere all around, with people discussing the ‘Rising’ event and about other bands they came out to see. It should be noted I was pleasantly surprised with the beer, the kegs travelled well from Hop Lords and I managed to get 1 or 2 (or maybe 3 or 4) spot on pints.

Like at most gigs, I went and did my usual standing near the soundmans table. This I learnt a few years ago, as that’s where the sound will be at its best it’s what the sound team heard during sound check. Even with the unusual location with the tall ceilinged Arch, any loud feedback was sorted quickly and the sound in there was impressive.

Overall this gig went straight over my expectations. The use of that space and hopefully more events like this in Worcester, will only help to strengthen local artists hearts, and tell them that they can stay in the area and be successful while improving the culture of the city.

By: Matt Evans

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