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“Super/Normal and other short plays”

written by Joy-Amy Wigman
The Cheltenham Playhouse on Friday, Sept 1st
Studio One at Malvern Theatres on Saturday & Sunday, Sept2nd & 3rd.

The laughter-inducing performances challenge adversity as a team of superheroes grapple with job hunting after losing their powers, a woman forms a peculiar bond with a shop dummy, an agoraphobic is haunted by TV personalities, and the clock ticks away as the leading man goes missing just before curtain up.

While providing uproarious amusement, these plays also tackle essential themes like mental and physical health and the flaws in our institutional and social systems. Writer Joy-Amy Wigman aims to open up conversations on sensitive topics through the power of comedy.

Cast Super, Normal and other short plays
Cast Super, Normal and other short plays

The evening’s structure takes health and well-being into account, allowing both performers and audiences to enjoy the show without exhaustion. Joy-Amy, not just a talented writer, will also grace the stage alongside experienced comedy performers Moa Myerson, Toni Shaw, Robbie Gardener, and Alex Lake. The director, Paul Avery, brings the words to life, and Ollie Chapman takes charge of stage management, lighting, and sound design.

This talented team has previously worked together on the acclaimed folk-horror short film “Calon Lan,” which earned recognition at domestic and international film festivals. Don’t miss this heartwarming and sidesplitting theatrical event that celebrates diversity, challenges norms, and embraces the joy of being “Super / Normal.”

Early bird discount tickets for the Cheltenham show purchased before the 10th of August available now, book on-line

Tickets for the Malvern shows can be booked on-line.

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