Single cover for I’m Sorry by Hey You Guys!

By now you may have heard that infection rates have hit an all time high… that’s right January 1st saw the release of Hey You Guys brand new single I’m Sorry. A song, that despite not having a chorus and effectively only one verse, should still come with a disclaimer sticker informing that it ‘may will induce involuntary singing’, or at the very least a touch of knee jerking.

Local (ish) heroes HYG have released what is known in the trade as an indie banger. Weighing in at just under three minutes, I’m Sorry opens with the clatter of Ben Pemberton’s drums, followed by an addictive and melodious Brit-rock riff courtesy of Dave Draper, before a wordless choir of harmonies (Pete Adams backed by two Chris’s, Jones and Catalyst and Emily Ewing) drop a hook so big that it would easily anchor the entire Royal Navy, all before Adams delivers his first apology.

I’m Sorry (pun absolutely intended), but I’m a sucker for a wordless hook and HYG’s have delivered an absolute monster that’s going to see me through winter, lockdown (v3) and beyond.

By: Will Munn

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