Poster for Art trail around Worcester

Art trail around Worcester to showcase local artists

Worcester Film Festival x Artists Clubhouse
The art trail runs from 1st September until 8th October 2023Worcester Film Festival runs 5th October – 8th October 2023

The Worcester Film Festival and Artists Clubhouse have jointly launched an exciting art trail in Worcester City Centre called ‘Lights, Camera… Paint!’ The trail features the vibrant works of local artists and organizations, displayed on posters placed in 20 shop windows and notice boards throughout the city. This art trail will be open for exploration by residents and visitors from 1st September to 8th October 2023.

‘Lights, Camera… Paint!’ was conceived as a celebration of art in all its diverse forms, aligning perfectly with the essence of the Worcester Film Festival. Kirstie from the festival emphasizes that film, as an art medium, beautifully embraces a wide spectrum of artistic expressions, ranging from visual and decorative arts to graphic and architectural masterpieces.

The Artists Clubhouse is thrilled to participate in this project for the second consecutive year. Their primary aim is to foster creativity and artistic engagement among people, promoting the well-being benefits that creative pursuits can bring. Whether it’s appreciating art, discussing and exploring new films with like-minded individuals, or trying one’s hand at creating art, all of these activities contribute positively to mental health and overall well-being.

Through ‘Lights, Camera… Paint!’ and its artistic displays scattered around Worcester, the festival and Artists Clubhouse hope to inspire a collective appreciation for local art and creativity while encouraging everyone to embrace their creative side for personal growth and a happier, healthier life. The art trail will run from 1st September until 8th October 2023 for anyone to visit for free across the city of Worcester.

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