Single Cover for Lower Loveday - Is it Right

Rarely does a band come around, where everything they produce can capture the imagination of a wide range of music lovers, and draw them in like a transfixing addiction. For me, Lower Loveday do just that. New single “Is it Right?” , released  on 13th November, has the same infectious appeal as previous tracks, guaranteeing to resonate with existing fans and new listeners.

This pop duo from Worcestershire, who have recently relocated to Manchester, bring energy to music life with knock out bass lines that hum along deeply under the recognisable vocals of singer Mark and energetic, vigorous beats fashioned by Tom’s drum sticks. If pure energy had a sound, Lower Loveday are the ones to create it. Their ability to collide musical particles and come up with impressive songs that wouldn’t tire on repeat, is not one to be overlooked.

The intro is high energy electro pop that brings a retro element to the track, with a repetitive click to rope you into an infectious beat. Drums soon join and already you are compelled to tap and click along. The layers of sound evolve even more when a punchy guitar riff ramps this explosive song onto another platform of greatness. Is It Right?, questions the sanity of thinking about someone all day and all night when you first start to fall for them, and whether morally, it is indeed right to be drawn in by someone who is potentially playing games.

The chorus is addictively catchy, with the lyrics easy to pick up and relate to, which moulds this track into the perfect pick me up to sing along to. It’s a mood lifter, for sure, absorbing your mood and turning up the happy vibes.

The second round of the chorus leads into a moderato bridge segment, with a faster tap running alongside a volalised question of whether a game is indeed being played with their feelings , is it real, and is it right? , providing intellectual food for thought, although the delicious vibe of the song as a whole surely makes it dessert for the soul.  A short but highly fused musical section takes us into one last round of the chorus before the song finishes abruptly with a perfectly placed full stop.

The harmony and melody piece together to create this intoxicating tonic of a track, making it akin to the feeling you get when the DJ plays “your song”.The different elements of the track flow brilliantly, making for a honey sweet indie pop tune, which is what I’ve come to expect from these guys. They just keep getting better and better…. bring on the next tune!

By: Kate Ford

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