Single cover for Band of Brothers by Zen Kat

Band of Brothers by Zen Kat will be released on 23rd February 2024, you can pre save on Spotify.

This track surprised me, really took me off guard, Band of Brothers is both optimistic yet deeply plaintive, strength and vulnerability. Listening to it’s melody and lyrics I think of Midnight Cowboy, (a brilliant film to check out btw) it speaks of the too little told and in this world experiencing toxic masculinity, this is call to arms, a song of friendship and a genuine joy. Written and sung by Zen Kat’s bassist Matt Hodges, it’s the warmth of long friendships, grown with adventures and now expressed in shared creativity. It’s not hard to imagine it sung over pints, and pool cues, round late night fires at festivals, chanted at football matches, at breaking points and celebrations. Band of Brothers shares the emotion of brotherhood, loyalty, in it together, will always find a way, leaning on each other….

In honest simplicity the guitars support a genuinely heartfelt ballad, generations of brothers, blood and friendship will I’m sure adopt this song, stumbling down roads, starting to sing as they meet again someday. This is a timeless message, and well crafted, which makes it potentially a classic, from the playground to reminiscences as grandparents, Band of Brothers represents solidarity of honest loyal support, brothers who have your backs, who share your history, have the strength to care, who offer their shoulders, whose friendship transcends silence into song.

By: Juliet Mootz

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