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Korb II by Korb album artwork

Korb – Korb II – Album Review

These days I’m desperately trying not to contextualise everything in relation to this ‘new normal-Brexit-Trump-BLM-Climate-Echo-chamber’ thing but seriously? Am I alone in trying to remember what good is, where my happy place is, what’s the actual zeitgeist? From a musical […]

CD cover for Jonny Melodic Hawks and Doves

Jonny Melodic – Hawks and Doves – Album Review

The choice of music at significant moments in our lives is vitally important. Consider the first dance at your wedding should you choose to proclaim to the world your feelings – is that the sound of Frank Wilson’s “Do I […]

Artwork for Zilch - ‘Cigars and Diazepam EP

Zilch – Cigars and Diazepam – EP Review

Worcester Based grunge/alt rock trio Zilch release their long-awaited first EP ‘Cigars and Diazepam’ Having played shows across the midlands and have released several singles along the way as they solidified their place as one of Worcester’s most promising live […]

Artwork for Goodbye Cassini – Lightning Strikes single

Goodbye Cassini – Lightning Strikes – Single Review

Friday 11th September sees the release of the next single from Goodbye Cassini, an alt-rock band from Worcestershire which came together during lockdown and has continued to grow their musical offerings. “Lightning Strikes” is a song that was first developed […]

CD Cover of The Arboretum, Beyond The Horizon

The Arboretum, Beyond This Horizon – single Review

“Beyond This Horizon” seems to offer a shaft of light in the murk.  These are the days of streaming individual songs rather than whole albums, with millions of songs available instantly and the impatience that goes with it: “It gets […]

CD cover for Nomad Dooley, Trying to Survive

Nomad Dooley, Trying to Survive – Album Review

If Spitting Image was commissioned again, in these contemporary times, I truly believe that three hours per episode would not be long enough to capture the madness of modernity; respect to Nomad Dooley for accepting the challenge and producing an […]

COVER for The Arboretum - Emergence CD

The Arboretum – Emergence – Single Review

The Arboretum have taken lockdown seriously.  They’ve put the time to strong, creative use and have allowed new music to seep out at a steady rate.  This review covers their last two songs, “Emergence” released in August, and “Beyond This […]

Photo cover for Amalia, You Said - Single

Amalia – You Said – Single Review

For a debut single, you need to be bold and make a statement, and that’s exactly what Birmingham singer-songwriter Amalia has done. ‘You Said’ is bathed in neo-soul sensibilities and showcases a powerful voice. Radiating a soulful performance throughout her […]

Cover of Hipflask Virgins Isolation Shitness EP

Hipflask Virgins – Isolation Shitbox – EP Review

Worcester rock duo Hipflask Virgins’ debut EP opens with a fuzzed-out guitar riff reminiscent of Nirvana’s “School”, which the Virgins have covered on the city’s live circuit for a while now. Hipflask Virgins have built a well-deserved reputation on the […]