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Mutante II by Mutante

Mutante II by Mutante – Album Review

it’s difficult to know where things can go next with electronic music, but Mutante seem to know. From the experimental 70s of Eno, Kraftwerk, and Tangerine; via the the pop-centric 80s of Depeche, Cabaret, and YMO; to the rave and […]

Ali Clinton - Versions - EP

Ali Clinton – Versions – EP Review

The way I see it, there’s two ways to do a cover version of a song.  One is to try and copy the original as faithfully as possible – paying tribute to why you liked it in the first place.  […]

The Strays Freakshow Cover

The Strays – Freakshow – Single Review

What I want from a pop single is a short sharp, energetic whoomph of energy, and that’s exactly what you get from Freakshow by The Strays. Uncomplicated and enthusiastic it’s a fish finger sandwich or a nice slice of cake; […]

Sunset Silver - It's About Time - EP Review

Sunset Silver – It’s About Time – Album Review

Sunset Silver have been writing music and jamming together for the past 15 years after meeting in Highschool, so it’s only right that they name their debut EP ‘It’s About Time’. The band’s first-ever release is an aptly named insight […]

The Black And Blues Band - A lonely Road – Album Review

The Black And Blues Band, ‘A lonely Road’ – Album Review

Old school friends and long-serving professional musicians, The Black and Blues Band trace their roots back to the school yard. Frontman Roger Keenan delivers vocals alongside Jon Williams’ guitar, Alan Vincent on bass, and Gary Santry clattering drumsticks, beating skins […]

Goodbye Cassini - So Good - Single Review

Goodbye Cassini – So Good – Single Review

Say Hello to Goodbye Cassini, a brand new alt-rock band from Worcestershire, formed just this year amidst the Covid 19 lockdown. Taking the opportunity during this down time in the music industry, this 3 piece band thought it was the […]