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Single cover for Refusenik by Jonny Melodic

Refusenik by Jonny Melodic – Single Review

Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers once asked in an interview, and I paraphrase now…“what is it about human nature that we have to reduce all life to routine?”  And it was this penetrating question that came to mind […]

Album cover for Afterlife by Pink Drone

Album Review: Afterlife by Pink Drone

So Pink Drone is back with a new album and, without giving too much away at this stage, it’s absolutely fantastic. For those who haven’t come across Pink Drone before now it is the electronic and post punk musical styling […]

Album cover for Amoeba Teen by Amoeba Teen

Amoeba Teen by Amoeba Teen – Album Review

Released 22nd April 2022 Big Stir Records Amoeba Teen, Stourbridge’s premier purveyors of Power Pop, return with the release of a brand new self titled album, the follow up to 2019’s Medium Wave. Like many other musicians over the past […]

Cover for the single Voice on the Radio by Moulin Ridge

Voice on the Radio by Moulin Ridge – Album Review

The collaboration of Heather Wastie and Andy Middleton began in the mid-1970s, whilst attending Birmingham University and the listening pleasure of this moment in time is reflected in this musical and lyrical balm. Wastie’s voice is so very reminiscent of […]

Single cover for Iron Deficiency by Y!KES

Iron Deficiency by Y!KES – Single Review

Released at the end of last month, Iron Deficiency is the latest release from 4 piece Midlands based band Y!KES. A few whining notes and a pause before a deep guitar riff kicks the track off over a grunge beat […]

Album cover for Outside Looking In by Stone Foundation

Outside Looking In by Stone Foundation – Album Review

The 70s, flared corduroy, big collars, brass sections, deep bass, choppy guitar and wah, Hammond and Rhodes, rare groove, jazz funk, blah, blah……Stone Foundation, they do it brilliantly!  But this is not some pastiche of a bygone era, we’ll leave […]

Single cover for See You Again by Raggedstone Crawler

See You Again by Raggedstone Crawler – Single Review

Rock three piece Raggedstone Crawler carve their name into the Midlands scene with their new track See You Again. If you were lucky enough to catch Raggedstone Crawler at their set for Uncover’s 5th Birthday celebration you’ll be familiar with […]

Screenshot from video for Plexbit by Lobster

Video / Single review – Plexbit by Lobster

West Midlands ska has a noble, longstanding tradition of political comment and it seems like Lobster are the next link in that chain. If you couldn’t give a toss about politics… Wait! Come back! Let’s deal with the music first, […]

Single cover for Sue I will Dance

Sue I will Dance – Single Review

With an intro reminiscent of a radio being stuck between two stations – I appreciate you need to be of an age to get this – Birmingham’s Sue screwed their intentions to the sticking post from the outset! If ever […]

Album cover for Welcome to Stourbridge 2

Welcome to Stourbridge 2 – Review

In the midst of the first Lockdown in 2020, Chris Wilson of Stourbridge Studios came up with an inspired idea to unite the town’s musical community and celebrate its diverse output. A unique compilation album was eventually produced, featuring many […]