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Single cover for Shreds by Kyle Perkins Music aka InSenState

Shreds by Kyle Perkins Music aka InSenState

Close your eyes, take a breath and press play on Shreds, a track just under 6 minutes long , by Kyle Perkins. This Gloucestershire based musician has poured 14 months worth of love and labour into producing this track. The […]

Single cover for White Tees by Hannah Mac

White Tees by Hannah Mac – Single Review

White Tees is the latest release from Hannah Mac, and it is a quintessential summer party anthem track! This upbeat track is about having fun in the summertime, long party nights and summer romance, and it is one hundred percent […]

Album cover for TV, WORK & BED by The Tights

TV, WORK & BED by The Tights | album review

The devoted have never forgotten The Tights were manufactured originally in Worcestershire during the height of Punk credibility and the band still inspire loyalty locally. Hewn in ’77 before imploding in true Punk style in 1979 the band then “got […]

Single cover for Light of The World by The Arboretum

Light of The World by The Arboretum – Single Review

Previously The Arboretum have come over like a gothic electronica Pink Floyd – “Falls the Shadow“ and “Beyond This Horizon“ were unsettling and dense with grimy guitars and disconcerting electronic rhythms. Their new song “Light of The World” has moved on […]

Single cover for Blur in Time by Second Cities

Blur in Time by Second Cities – Single Review

When you have the utter pleasure of reviewing multiple tracks from the same band, you can’t help but fall in love with their music, their journey and their story a little more each time. I find myself connecting with their […]

Single cover for 2016 by Max Stockin

2016 by Max Stockin – Single Review

By now, Max Stockin should be known to most of the Worcester population, if you’ve not seen him performing at local venues such as The Swan, The Hand in Glove and various open mic nights, the chances are you’ve seen […]

Single cover for Hyde Project The Greatest Show

Hyde Project, The Greatest Show – Single Review

Hyde Project are an alt-rock three piece hailing from Birmingham, with roots originating in Worcester and Redditch. Released on 17th June, The Greatest Show is a unique take on rock as a genre, with an ironic sting in its tail. […]

Single cover for Set it Off by Finding Bella

Set it Off by Finding Bella Single Review

Finding Bella are a proud guitar band from the West Midlands – that insist on the indie title. Just when you think guitar bands have had their day, along comes a no-nonsense driven group of troubadours. Any intro that begins […]

Single cover for Leave it all behind by Dead Dads Club

Leave it all behind by Dead Dads Club – Single Review

In Leave it all Behind, Dead Dads Club take the attitude and chant of the Manchester Factory Record Scene and add their unique twist of Worcestershire sauce. It’s playful, punchy, yet loaded with cultural observations of politics and pressures.  Dead Dads […]