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Album cover for Arboria II

Arboria II – The Flam and Flange Review

Here at Flam and Flange towers we were immediately excited when we heard about the imminent release of the new Arboria album. When we started the podcast, just over two years ago, we knew very little about the Worcester scene […]

EP cover for About F***ing Time by Troy

About F***ing Time by Troy – EP Review

If (like me) you’re in the 55 to 65ish age bracket, into punk in your teens and early twenties, you probably are still, or will at least have fond memories and a soft spot for the genre. You may still […]

EP cover for Share our Love by Sedated Society

Share our Love by Sedated Society – Single Review

No messing around with long – winded, arty – farty intros here, 2 beats and the song kicks straight in with vocals, bass and drums to start with, giving it a minimal, stripped down feel before the guitar enters the […]

Single cover for Masks by Jonny Melodic

Masks by Jonny Melodic – Single Review

If you take Jonny Melodic’s latest single, entitled Masks due for release on the 19th of July, at face value you will be very much mistaken… Although, like much of the art world, Melodic’s previous two albums had explored the […]

Album cover for Sister Sandwich Friends

Sister Sandwich ‘Friends’ Compilation – Album Review

As a vegetarian, seeing the first track title “Meat Meat Meat” immediately creates an idea that this collection of music from Sister Sandwich is going to be an upfront and in your face collection of music. And yes, I wasn’t […]

Album cover for Cool your Jets by the Strays

Cool your Jets by the Strays – Album Review

Cool your Jets by the 1950s inspired Strays is a highly polished album. The finished tracks gleam like the chrome on the impressive bumpers & fins of the American land cruisers of the aforementioned decade. To clarify though, the Strays […]

Album cover for Hypercolour Youth by Maxwell Avenue

Hypercolour Youth by Maxwell Avenue

Pop/Punk band Maxwell Avenue from Birmingham released their album “Hypercolour Youth” on Friday 20th June. The opening track “The Ballad of Valentin” starts with a gentle lullaby but soon picks up into an addictive , jolly chanting march of a […]

Album cover for Modernism by Pink Drone

Modernism by Pink Drone (John Rose) – an album review

This is Modernism with more than a nod to the past. If the DC comic book artists’ had smoked crystal meth this is the monochrome version of modernism we would have discovered.  John Rose – the one man art movement […]

Album cover for Pete Sounds by Peter Richard Adams

Flam and Flange discuss “Pete Sounds”

“Pete Sounds” by Peter Richard Adams Welcome to the first Flam and Flange review for SLAP. We record the review live as part of our podcast and then write it up here so everyone gets the best (or worst) of […]