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Single cover for Peter Richard Adams The Boogie Man

Peter Richard Adams – The Boogie Man – Single Review

The metronomic tick-tock of a clock introduces this adult nursery rhyme of a single. How can a clock sound so familiarly sinister and comfortingly familiar at the same time? The constant ticking is mirrored by the chiming chords of the […]

EP cover for Fractures by Dan Knight

Fractures by Dan Knight – EP Review

Dan Knight kicks us off with a nice piano sound which then gets joined by a classic sounding break and then a couple of “Phat” basslines layered over the top. Doesn’t sound very inspiring when you write it out like […]

Single cover for HIGHHIGHHIGH by Euan Blackman

“HIGHHIGHHIGH” by Euan Blackman – Single Review

Due for released 8th October, “HIGHHIGHHIGH” is the third single from 20 year old Euan Blackmans forthcoming debut EP, “Grateful For The Moments Spent Alone”.  Self produced over lockdown, it was the first track written for the EP, and it […]

Single cover for I woke up outside by Kyle Parsons

I woke up outside by Kyle Parsons – Single Review

Kyle Parsons has released yet another heart warming track in the form of “I woke up outside”. The track released last month, was recorded early this year, and tracks the first hours after a long night of partying, when someone […]

Single cover for Black Spiders by Elkapath

Black Spiders by Elkapath – Single Review

Cards on the table time: I don’t know much about metal. I understand the energy and appreciate the ability of the musicians, but I’m more of a punk rock person myself.  However, this I do know: metal is the sound […]

Album cover for Jonny Melodic The Schizoid Man

The Schizoid Man by Jonny Melodic – Album Review

When anybody creates music they do so for meaning. Maybe they want to put meaning in to that which they create, or maybe they want to feel a meaning grow through their creation organically. Some people create music where the […]

Single cover for Find Me by Liberty Lies

Find Me by Liberty Lies – Single Review

As a new journey for me personally, one of the best thing about reviewing music is that you find gems that you may otherwise not have heard. Liberty Lies is one of those bands for me! I hadn’t had the […]

Album cover for Giving Love by Prem Seva

Giving Love by Prem-Seva – Album Review

This is an epic album. Not “epic” meaning excellent as it does in the playground, nor “epic” meaning a huge widescreen sound. This album is epic in the scope of its ambition and the voyage the songs take you on […]

Single cover for General Practice by Y!KES

General Practice by Y!KES – Single Review

When I hear Y!KES have new music out, I expect loud and punchy, fast paced Punk/Rock energy. New release “General Practice” doesn’t lack in energy but it does deliver it in a different way to previous releases. And the result […]

Single cover for Work It by Sebastian

Work It by Sebastian – Single Review

Being a music reviewer, many different genres are thrown my way, and I am happily open minded to all. One genre I knew very little about was funk. Minneapolis sound is a sub genre of funk rock with elements of […]