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Single cover for Rewind by Redwood

Rewind by Redwood – Single Review

A songwriter that’s destined to leave you mesmerised by not only her incredible vocals but also her distinctive songwriting, local singer-songwriter Redwood uses music as a form of escapism. Detailing that her songwriting is usually about factual, personal experiences that […]

Single cover for Your Power Is Off by Silverlake

Your Power Is Off by Silverlake – Single Review

“Pop” can be a dirty word sometimes – frothy, lacking substance, something frivolous for the kids.  It can be all these things and I have to confess, I like a bit of cultural junk food as much as the next […]

Single cover for "Slow Motion" by Darla Jade

Slow Motion by Darla Jade – Single Review

We are all too guilty of running around, trying to get stuff done, rather than taking time out to live in the moment. New single “Slow Motion” by Darla Jade, released at the end of March takes us into a […]

Single cover of Drown by Beorma

Drown by Beorma – Single Review

Beorma, a Birmingham based indie pop/R&B duo, release Drown, the single that’ll finish off their debut EP Virtual Emotionality, set to be released later this year. Soothing synths, daydreamy vocals and chilling lyrics, Drown is not only the type of […]

Single cover ofRyan McMeyr Boomer Baby

Boomer Baby by Ryan McMey – Single Review

It’s not often that song lyrics go deeper than love or feelings these days. Although those are the tracks we can all relate to, it’s sometimes refreshing to hear something that cuts below the safety of the acceptable surface and […]

Gravitational Wave by Sean Jeffery – Single Review

Worcester based singer/songwriter Sean Jeffery is an established musician on the local music scene, and has continued to perform under “new normal” circumstances, with almost daily live streams on a number of platforms. On top of that, he’s been working […]

Single cover for 23rd April by JP Riley

23rd April by JP Riley – Single Review

 Reviewing during various lockdowns has presented me with a realisation.  The majority of the tracks I’ve listened to that have been released throughout 2020, and 2021 so far, are ones that were first written several years ago. These tracks have […]

Single cover for I Don't Want To by Kieran

I Don’t Want To by Kieran – Single Review

When I was a teenager, life was simple. I didn’t have social media seeping into every aspect of my life, exposing every element of my relationships to a watching pack of wolves. I didn’t know what my friends were up […]

Album cover of Forget Me Not by Red Hot Riot

Forget Me Not by Red Hot Riot – Album Review

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a young man in his twenties today?  Forget Me Not the keenly awaited album by Red Hot Riot, pulls you into that world and shows you round.  Labels and genres are a bit […]