Performers at Bottles Open Mic

Are Thursdays the new Friday nights? 

It sure feels that way at Bottles Wine Bar when they have their resident Jazz & Blues band on. Fronted by Matthew Waddoups, Matt & the boys know how to ‘whip up a storm’ as my dad would say, and Thursday the 7th of April was no exception.

Straight out the gate with Born to be Blue by Chet Baker & an upbeat version of Blueberry Hill by Louis Armstrong, it was remenisent of being in the French quarter of New Orleans. The distinct sound of muted trumpet floated above the growing audience as they couldn’t help but be drawn in, to then be greeted by incredible solos by Carolyn from Saximise on saxophone, Tom on drums or Josh on guitar to but name a few.

The beauty of these nights is that there is also an open mic section to the evening so we were completely satisfied musically by other acts such as Andy & Dave, two guitarists and vocals that got people dancing, Ollie Ridley’s gravelly vocals and Worcester legends Desert Boots who are compromised by a number of incredible solo musicians in their own right but together become something out of this world.

The bar staff also deserve a mention for creating an amazing atmosphere and delivering on a great night at Bottles Wine Bar. If you’ve never been, then you are missing out.

By: Emilie Westcott

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