Poster for event called Roots

A solo exhibition by Epha J Roe with sound from Joe Davin

Friday 21st July – Wednesday 2nd August
The Artery Gallery, Arch 28, Croft Walk Worcester WR1 3BD
Free admission

ROOTS is a captivating compilation of extensive research and captivating photographic encounters, encompassing a remarkable five-year journey with twelve ancient oak trees found across England’s rich heritage sites. This profound exploration delves into the intricate dynamics of human engagement, perception, and collaboration with the natural world. Drawing inspiration from ground breaking studies that unveil the astonishing underground communication among trees through expansive root and fungal networks, ROOTS reimagines our understanding of how we observe and interact with nature. This visionary project pushes the boundaries of traditional photography, transforming it into a medium that not only captures but also actively collaborates with the essence of plants, transcending mere representation and opening doors to new dimensions of connection.

Cyanotype workshops

Introduction to cyanotypes
With local artist Louise Cromar

Session 1 – 29th July 12:30-13:30 – Tickets available on-line

session 2 – 29th July 14:30-15:30 – Tickets available on-line

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