Single cover for Sic ego by Seerr

There always room in the world for new artists and new music, so step forward Seerr. Debut single “Sic ego”, is from forthcoming EP “Arcadian Ecology”, and is delivered to us by the Birmingham based writer and producer. Starting with an indie/alternative sounding guitar heavy intro, over a consistent tapping beat, before getting heavier as the almost spoken lyrics begin. A new genre to me, “math rock” is a sub genre of indie rock and post hard-core, which concentrates on progressive rock inspired guitar riffs, and unconventional harmonies. The roots of this genre lie in bands such as King Crimson and Rush. “Sic ego” is dominated by the guitar and drums, leaving the lyrics and vocals in the background as if just another instrument.

Sic ego by Seerr

Digging down into the meaning of the track, I feel we’re being told to stop blindly believing all we hear and to start thinking for ourselves. The last minute of the three minute track opens up into a beautiful musical arrangement with rising riffs and a determined and accentuated beat . With Latin lyrics that seem to loosely translate to “so I told you so”, this debut track immerses you into another world with its entangled rhythms throughout. Certainly piqued the interest for future releases. A solid first release.

By: Kate Ford

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