Starlite Campbell Band – Stone Cold Crazy - Single Review

Everyone has their favourite era of music, and its generally set when they were a late teenager. Some stick at that point and others also move on. Lots of people like the rock of the early 70’s and see this as ‘the halcyon days of music’. Its popular live for people of a certain age (my age as it happens) and we’ve all been to gigs where the old T-shirts just cover the bellies.

So what of ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ by the Starlite Campbell Band. It’s 70’s rock and proud of it, it’s played and recorded slickly and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It ticks every 70’s rock box, American accents, uncomfortable lyrics from a different era (‘Smell leather in the back of the car, Come and squeeze me), twin guitar solo, a piano player no-one can hear until the guitar stops, etc. Like all its current counterparts it lacks the real sweat, drive and energy of 70’s rock first time round but benefits from much more polish, better equipment and less drink and drug confusion.

If you like polished 70’s rock you’ll definitely like this.

By: Oliver Carpenter

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