Straight For The Sun

Having previously reviewed the EP “No Tomorrow” from Straight For The Sun, I vowed to follow their process and I’ve been excited to hear the new stuff they are putting out for our listening pleasure. This 5 piece Birmingham based Alt Metal band have already proved to me that they a force to be reckoned with in their gene and new single “Walk”, set for official release on 15th May is certainly keeping them on the definitive path to rock. Harmonising vocals sit beautifully atop a delicate intro and soft drum beat before the full rock force comes thundering into play. The opening line of “Do you really wanna see, what your poison does to me” leaves interpretation of the song wide open from the get go, but it’s actually about a person’s struggle with alcoholism, and the song paints a vivid picture of what it feels like when you see no way out. Equally it could be seen as a toxic relationship, which in a way, that’s exactly what a battle with drink can be. The growling vocals of singer Callum play amok over an unavoidably catchy back beat, a fierce stab at the world of suffering. The chorus is uplifting, a two fingered salute to an invisible battle, and a defiant plea to do their best and get up and WALK. After the second run of the chorus, the song breaks down as the story unfolds, a battle maybe too late to win, capturing the pure essence of a fight. However the track is down, but far from out, as this plays out into a musically stacked arrangement that invigorates any mind that cares to listen, grabs the scruff of your neck and drags you back up and at `em. The slow mantra “I need it more than ever” builds the tension up to a final cry of the chorus, with the ability to generate a new found enthusiasm to beat the demons. This track has it all, melodies that seep deep into your brain and some memorable, quotable lyrics thrown in for good measure.

“Walk” was apparently one of the first songs the band wrote together, and is often included in their live shows. This release has proved that practise makes perfect, as it certainly has been honed to perfection ahead of its release. Overall, a track that hits the senses. HARD. Press play, and turn it up. LOUD.

By: Kate Ford

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