Have you ever wondered how artists create their work? Join Alex Hartley as he takes us on a tour, answers questions and discusses his work in the second of our series of virtual studio tours – The Artist’s Studio

Alex Hartley makes ambitious artworks that test our society’s notions of utopia, the relationship we have with the environment and how we occupy the world’s wild places. Hartley’s artistic practice is wide-ranging, comprising sculptural photographic compositions, filmmaking, climbing, artist publications, room-sized architectural installations and site-specific works: it often involves him travelling to remote places. His work is exhibited extensively, both nationally and internationally. For Meadow Arts exhibition, In Ruins at Witley Court (English Heritage), Hartley created sculptures like ruined buildings, complete with plants and moss growing upon their ‘dilapidated’ surfaces.  

Alex Hartley virtual studio tour
Alex Hartley virtual studio tour

About this event

Date: Friday 19th June
Time: 2pm
Where: Visit The Artist’s Studio – online tours page on the Meadow Arts website

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