Artwork for The Ballad of the Bee by The Kelly Line Single

From an early age we all learned about the cycle of life. Every animal will inevitably experience pain; however, it allows life to keep moving forward. Cheltenham-based band, The Kelly Line, share new song ‘The Ballad of the Bee’, a fuzzy folk punk song, that highlights the fate of human destruction.

Written from the perspective of a bee, the song was inspired when the band witnessed the death of a bee that was entangled in a spider-web. As much as the bee struggled to escape, nothing could stop the inescapable. The bee’s impulses led to its suffering and eventual death. This obvious and powerful metaphor is a comment on life and its inevitability.

This fuzzy folk punk song will make your head bop. The upbeat and energetic guitar progressions, punk vocals and the pounding drums energize you. Once I understood the lyrics, the upbeat punk ballad turned into a brutally honest message about life.

Accompanied with the spider’s side of the story, ‘Arachne’s Response’ is a vastly softer and more intimate striped-back acoustic sound. This father-son songwriting duo ranges from loud fuzzy punk angst to soft and intimate acoustic sounds. However loud or soft the songs sound, the intensity behind the lyrics never fails to tell a painful truth.

‘There’s no escape’

As humans, we have all been on both sides of the spider web. Whether we are the ones who are tempted ourselves into pain or one who cannot help but to hurt the ones they are most close to.

By: Imogen Evans

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