EP cover for Time For You by Day Trip to Monaco

Armed with a hook-line that will sink itself into our brain easily, Day Trip to Monaco release their first single ‘Time For You’ since their self-titled EP was released back in September. Currently based in Liverpool, the two piece band consist of Megan Gallagher and Alex Howley. Both musicians bouncing off each other with ideas, ‘Time For You’ is an uplifting release set to turn any gloomy day upside down. Written by Alex just under a year ago, and released as a solo version in March too, this new arrangement of ‘Time For You’ showcase Megan’s mesmerising vocals. Written as self-reflection of a situation Alex was in with a girl he liked, ‘Time For You’ tells the story of making time for the people we care about. 

A track that could instantly get you on any dance floor, unfortunately, your bedroom/kitchen/living room will have to do! Musically, it’s based around a pop arrangement with hints of soul and funk in the mix. Slightly retro yet refreshing with Megan’s captivating vocals, ‘Time For You’ is a relatable number that deserves wide recognition.

By: Chloe Mogg

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