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Elizabeth Sharkey
Why Britain Rocked: How Rock Became Roll and Took Over the World
Number 8 Pershore Friday 17th May 2024 7.30pm

Author, actress, and voice-over artist Elizabeth Sharkey appears at Number 8 to talk about British music history as explored in her bestselling book, Why Britain Rocked: How Rock Became Roll and Took Over the World. Elizabeth will delve into Britain’s history to trace the events that led to its twentieth century musical explosion, arguing that The Beatles’ arrival that so surprised the world really shouldn’t have been a surprise at all!

“Why Britain Rocked” delves into Britain’s past to uncover the events that birthed its 20th-century musical explosion. It argues that The Beatles’ rise, though surprising to the world, was, in fact, an inevitable culmination.

From ancient Celtic influences to the migration of music across continents, Sharkey’s narrative extends beyond the 20th century. She explores how British balladry, African American artists in 19th-century Britain, and Marxist movements shaped British pop, fostering icons like The Beatles, David Bowie, and Kate Bush.

The book is not just a homage to British pop but also to her father, whose passion for music ignited her own. Sharkey concludes by asserting that the future of British music is rooted in its folklore past.

The talk will be followed by the opportunity to pose your questions in a Q&A with the author.

Tickets available via the Number 8 website.

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