Photo of a scrap yard for Vinny Peculiar Peculiarities album cover

Vinny Peculiar – Peculiarities | Album Review

Lazy journalism would allow me to declare Vinny Peculiar is a musical Tony Hancock doppelganger or a “warm-hearted Morrisey” but that is only for word count worriers looking for an easy get out. What is even easier though is highlighting […]

Cattle and Hum header

Memories Of The Market Tavern, Kidderminster

Cattle & HumUnderground Music From The Kidderminster Market Tavern 1990 – 1996 Thanks to a brilliant and innovative young promoter called Mark Badgeman the Kidderminster Market Tavern for the first half of the 1990s was one of the West Midlands’ […]

Artwork for The Ballad of the Bee by The Kelly Line Single

The Ballad of the Bee by The Kelly Line – Single Review

From an early age we all learned about the cycle of life. Every animal will inevitably experience pain; however, it allows life to keep moving forward. Cheltenham-based band, The Kelly Line, share new song ‘The Ballad of the Bee’, a […]

Photo of man of football pitch for Denim in the Dugout by The Humdrum Express – Single Cover

Denim in the Dugout by The Humdrum Express – Single Review

Denim in the Dugout is the latest release from ever popular Worcestershire singer-songwriter and master of observational humour Ian Passey aka The Humdrum Express.  Ian will openly admit that he has struggled to find his creative mojo during this strange […]

Picture of boy down drain for the Diaz Brothers album cover

Diaz Brothers – Diaz Brothers – Album Review

Punk anyone?  Well, what kind?  Punk is a broad church, mind.  This isn’t scratchy, jittery British 70s punk.  Nor is it US west coast pop-punk.  Nor is it US east coast hardcore punk. Diaz Brothers are attached to that strand of […]

Painting of Worcestershire Beacon from North Hill

SLAP Mag October 2020 – Arts Roundup

Creating Space They have been working away trying to put new processes in place to get the Wellbeing Studio back up and running and are working on delivering these into your home in a remote way so people can log […]

Luke Jerram installation

Luke Jerram installation comes to Worcester

In Memoriam, an artwork by Luke Jerram (man behind the beautiful gigantic moon installation you may have seen previously), is being brought to Pitchcroft, Worcester from 10-18 October, by Severn Arts, as part of the Arches Worcester Festivals Programme. The […]

Cover for Vincent Flatts Final drive, Back In The Saddle Albume

Vincent Flatts Final drive, ‘Back In The Saddle’

Damn me if Bertie and the boys haven’t confounded all the odds, and at long last gotten themselves into a studio and put together a humdinger of an album. The band have been kicking over the engine for many a […]

Artistic Cover Image of Learn to Lie Cloud 9 Single

Cloud 9 by Learn to Lie – Single Review

Learn to Lie, a Midlands-based alt-rock band release single ‘Cloud 9’ a feel-good rock banger. With pounding drums, funky riffs, powerful vocals, ‘Cloud 9’ strikes electricity like lightning. Capturing the partying spirit of summer, this song is what was needed […]