Photo of band Los Neibourinos at The Craft Inn Worcester

Gig Review – Los Neibourinos

Los Neibourinos, 1st July 2022 at The Craft Inn, Foregate Street, Worcester Neighbourhood duo, Running up that Hill with Bush before Stranger Things! Los Neibourinos are duo Chewie and Griff, who demonstrate an intuition of musicians who can read each […]

Single cover for Blur in Time by Second Cities

Blur in Time by Second Cities – Single Review

When you have the utter pleasure of reviewing multiple tracks from the same band, you can’t help but fall in love with their music, their journey and their story a little more each time. I find myself connecting with their […]

Single cover for 2016 by Max Stockin

2016 by Max Stockin – Single Review

By now, Max Stockin should be known to most of the Worcester population, if you’ve not seen him performing at local venues such as The Swan, The Hand in Glove and various open mic nights, the chances are you’ve seen […]

Single cover for Hyde Project The Greatest Show

Hyde Project, The Greatest Show – Single Review

Hyde Project are an alt-rock three piece hailing from Birmingham, with roots originating in Worcester and Redditch. Released on 17th June, The Greatest Show is a unique take on rock as a genre, with an ironic sting in its tail. […]

Single cover for Set it Off by Finding Bella

Set it Off by Finding Bella Single Review

Finding Bella are a proud guitar band from the West Midlands – that insist on the indie title. Just when you think guitar bands have had their day, along comes a no-nonsense driven group of troubadours. Any intro that begins […]

Photo of The Mavis Staples

Gig Review: The Mavis Staples

The Mavis Staples! at Subscription Rooms, Stroud 13th June 2022 The text accepting my offer of accompanying me to tonight’s soulful show was responded to immediately; the necessary train tickets and the room at the Clothiers public house were booked […]

Photo of Granny's Attic band in concert

Gig Review: Granny’s Attic

Granny’s Attic – Kitchen Garden Cafe, King’s Heath – 1st June 2022 I always enjoy the ‘eight-or-so years ago on this day’ feed that pops up on my media so a delight to be recently reminded of a pleasant June […]

Single cover for Leave it all behind by Dead Dads Club

Leave it all behind by Dead Dads Club – Single Review

In Leave it all Behind, Dead Dads Club take the attitude and chant of the Manchester Factory Record Scene and add their unique twist of Worcestershire sauce. It’s playful, punchy, yet loaded with cultural observations of politics and pressures.  Dead Dads […]

Photo of gig for Bombay Bicycle Club

Gig Review: Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club, West Malvern Social Club, Thursday 9th June 2022 Sometimes rumours are unbelievable yet true, and last night proved whispers starting yesterday afternoon were just that!  An excited and expectant audience of regulars and locals, (and those who knew how significant […]

Logo for Bromsgrove Festival

Bromsgrove Festival Is back!!

Since its rejuvenation in 2014, Bromsgrove Festival has gone from strength to strength, halted only, as so many things have been, by the pandemic which resulted in the complete cancellation of the 2020 Festival and a reduction to three street […]