Contribute to SLAP Magazine

SLAP Magazine welcomes contributions from our readers and supporters. Whether it’s simply to talk about your event, gig, release, exhibition or to supply us with your Review or Preview for consideration.

We welcome well written pieces on any genre of Music, Art or Performance as long as its of local interest preferably with high quality photographs. Space is always an issue so bear in mind your text may be edited down so keep it concise if possible.

As a guideline please supply

EP Reviews: 250 words
Album Reviews: 400 words
Previews 400 words
Reviews: 400 words
Features: 400 words
News Bytes: 100 words

Supplying Artwork

Please ensure artwork is ‘press ready’ i.e. hi-resolution. Preferably set to CMYK and supplied as a PDF with fonts embedded or outlined. This can be done from any recognised design programme such as Illustrator, InDesign or Quark.

Alternatively, if working in Photoshop or similar, please ensure artwork is created at 300dpi and flattened to 300dpi, please save files as either PDF, TIFF, JPG or PNG.

We look forward to hearing from you… Ed

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