Photo of Simon Evans

Comedy Review: Simon Evans – Have We Met?

Simon Evans: Have We Met?Evesham Town Hall3rd December 2023 Mounted on the wall as you enter, there is a large photo of a bygone-era of Evesham’s square and the NatWest building taken right outside the Town Hall; a shoulder-high child […]

Photo of Frankie Boyle

Comedy Review: Frankie Boyle in Malvern

Live comedyFrankie Boyle – Lap of ShameMalvern Forum Theatre – 22nd November 2023 It is a given that Frankie Boyle live, much like suffering from syphilis, will deliver on your expectations… In a manner similar to a tetchy teacher not […]

Photo of Rhys James

Comedy Review – Rhys James: Spilt Milk

Rhys James: Spilt Milk, Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, 26th October 2023 The obvious joke of the comedian Rhys James having the same name as a famous Chelsea football player was a classic diamond shape of an intro. Not even VAR would […]

Photo of Mark Simmons

Comedy Review: Mark Simmons: “Quip off the Mark”

Mark Simmons: “Quip off the Mark – Huntingdon Hall, Worcester – 24th September 2023 We were in the safe hands of hired-hand Dan Ward, an errant school boy albeit in his 40s, who made easy work of supporting the main […]

Poster for Frankie Boyle: Lap of Shame

Comedey Preview: Frankie Boyle

Frankie Boyle: Lap of ShameForum Theatre, MalvernWed 22 November 2023 19:30 Frankie Boyle rose to prominence as a household name through his appearances on BBC2’s topical news quiz show, Mock The Week. His unique and razor-sharp satirical comedy quickly earned […]

Photo of Simon Brodkin

Comedy Review: Simon Brodkin

Simon Brodkin | “A work in Progress” | Huntingdon Hall, Worcester | 29th July 23 Most people’s work in progress reflects an ad-hoc quality to the proceedings. As I start to write this review, a tentative plan is in place […]

Photo of Angela Barnes

Comedy Review: Angela Barnes: “Hot Mess”

Angela Barnes: “Hot Mess”“Another, fine mess of hot comedy…”Huntingdon Hall, Worcester 12th May 2023 As the light went up at the end of the night I realised I was crying… Angela Barnes is a generous performer, giving of her time, […]

Photo of Lloyd Griffith

Comedy Review: Lloyd Griffith – Worcester

Lloyd Griffith – One Tonne of FunHuntingdon Hall, Worcester – 24th February 2023 What a night, we were entertained by a chubby choir boy, a short, fat brunette and the proud owner of a “12 mile penis,” all rolled-up into […]

Photo of Tom Stade

Comedy Review: Tom Stade, Worcester

Tom Stade at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester 17th November 2022 When you have seen a comedian as many times as I have seen Tom Stade, the preoccupation is, will I have anything to write about following another live show? Of course, […]

Photo of Jerry Sadowitz

Comedy Review: Jerry Sadowitz in Worcester

Jerry Sadowitz at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester – 28th of October 2022 Fittingly, on the day Elon Musk officially took propriety of twitter, promising to give a platform for “Freedom of Speech,” a proponent of the art of black comedy walked […]