Dear readers, performers, artists, advertisers, contributors, supporters and anyone working in arts or entertainment.

We did not want for issue 101 of SLAP Mag to be entered in to 'room 101'... But with the current situation regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) that we all find ourselves in, we are aware that producing a print edition of SLAP mag for April 2020 is not viable. Our distribution points are mostly public spaces where people gather, the current advice by the government is to avoid these (without, by the way, any support for those industries, or those who support them).

It would be unfair on our advertisers, many of which are stockists of SLAP Mag, it wouldn't be fair on our delivers to distribute them, and that's if there's anyone around to pick up a copy to read. The likelihood is, judging by our inbox this morning, many venues, pubs and theatres will be forced to close without any of the protections of an enforced closure scenario.

We hope you and your loved ones are not too badly affected either by the virus or by the long term consequences of.
Best regards
Isolate-Ed x

Slap Magazine: Issue 97 November 2019

Slap Magazine Issue 97 November 2019, November 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the Winter of discontent, don’t worry, it’ll soon be over, maybe...

In these dark days of political turbulence, it’s hard to imagine if we can ever go back to a time when people had respect for each other, whatever their views and opinions. But we can’t let the political elite divide us in this way any longer, society is breaking down and It’s destroying friendships, families and communities. I for one will be glad when it’s all over. But until then let’s concentrate on the things that bring us together - music and the arts....

As usual, in this issue we look forward to all the wonderful arts events and exhibitions taking place around the three counties. Our front cover is by illustrator Beth Quarmby whose exhibition runs throughout November at the Gloucester Guild Hall. It’s comforting to know that the arts communities can break through the divisive political climate and maintain the ability to unite and initiate things independently.

A perfect example of this is the Worcester Music Festival that brings hundreds and acts together in dozens of venues around the City of Worcester, raising much needed funds for the Foodbank Charity, to help the many people living in crisis in modern Britain, see page 38 for the latest news and the highly successful photography competition.

Of course the arts is far from immune to the effects of austerity as the Artist Workhouse in Studley has had to make the very sad decision to close its doors this month, after four years at the space due to increased costs.

And just to end on a positive note, Upton Jazz may well make it’s 35th anniversary after all, with plans afoot to save the festival...

Save - Ed

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