Album cover for Along The Way by Poppy WS

It’s Friday evening at Tonic and the weekend crowd are loud and lively. Riche kicks off proceedings and delivers some tasteful soul-infused numbers, helping to set the tone and vibe for the rest of the evening. Poppy WS is playing songs from her new record tonight, albeit in a more acoustic form, and at the end of each song the crowd roar their appreciation. Poppy dazzles with the rush of adrenaline. She delivers a stellar solo set, using loops to switch seamlessly between piano, guitar and percussive effects. Job well done, afterwards she makes time to sign copies of the new album.

Along The Way by Poppy WS

In these crazy, hazy days of summer, it’s always a relief to find artists treading their own path, and providing us with a ray of sunshine and hope. Poppy WS’s latest album is both ambitious without being pretentious, and a tonic for the soul. The songs are bigger, bolder, and confidently produced. The vocal melodies are superbly well thought out and delivered. There’s more attention to detail here. The studio clearly provides her with the flexibility to experiment with arrangements and rhythms that give this record a much fuller sound. I particularly enjoyed the dreamy instrumental middle-section of ‘Haunting’, strings and electric piano working in sublime harmony. Overall, an honest, heartfelt album, full of downtempo trip-hop style grooves and catchy melodies. Perfect listening for the summer… recommended!

By: tallpaul

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