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When the world just keeps throwing hit after hit at you, and you feel the blows are making your sturdy resolve waver, turn to the awe inspiring Chloe Mogg for some much needed mood enhancing. A song writer that can offer support and hope in trying times, a singer whose voice and words can offer a comforting embrace.

“Attack” is her third single of the year, and Chloe herself bills it as her proudest and most personal release to date. Although coming from a dark place, the track has evolved into something she is proud to share with us all. 

This inspirational track features the angelic Chloe not only on vocals, but on guitar too, with a hand in production, Mirron Webb on guitar/bass, piano and additional vocals, and Jack Bowles on drums.

From the very start, the intro is delicate, handling sensitive subjects in a cushion of musical comfort. The narrative of this track covers how Chloe has “always felt the need to apologise in advance for her mental health and disabilities”, and the lead up to, and effects of an anxiety attack.

As a sufferer of M.E, Fibromyalgia and Anxiety, the aim of such an open track is to raise awareness for millions of people “suffering in the shadows of the current pandemic”.

The track ebbs and flows as haunting vocals apologise and cry out at the mercy of a surprise attack, with the orchestral music rising and falling, like deep breaths in and out.

Each element of this theatrical track is like a vibration against the heart, it’s feeling and moving, very literally, true heartfelt emotion, with each short drum beat running up to another truth, spilling out through the drama of the rising beats.  The song just flows, seamlessly and endlessly from one section to the next as we are taken through the most raw emotions laid out in front of us, the softness of the instruments adding to the scene being played out in our heads.

The last third of the song builds vocally, as Chloe expertly shows off an absolutely stunning and soaring vocal range, for which she is becoming well known.    There is no way to categorise such a versatile artist, as Chloe glides along on an experimental journey that embraces a diverse range of influences, while still indulging in a beautiful world of  unbridled uniqueness. Even before its official release on 27th November, “Attack” is gaining praise and recognition, being featured as a preview track and getting played on BBC Music Introducing H&W, and rightly so.  When a musician literally puts everything and more into a track, it can be heard. Lyrically, Chloe never misses, musically, each track grows and evolves in an exciting new way. An album worth of tracks from this wonderful singer/songwriter is an exciting prospect.  I have no doubt in my mind that music is what Chloe was born to do, and we’re the lucky ones that get to listen to her.

By: Kate Ford

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