Take a look back at our printed editions of SLAP Mag from 2011, all issues are free to download.

SLAP Magazine, has been available in a print format since February 2011, and is distributed throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Issue 1 (February 2011)

Thank you for picking up a copy of SLAP. Don’t worry, you havn’t stolen it, it’s FREE! Think of this as a one stop reference guide to what’s going on in Worcester and the surrounding area. SLAP […]

Issue 2 (March 2011)

Thanks once again for picking up your free copy of SLAP! We were overwelmed by the response we received after the first issue, so much so that we have grown by eight pages and increased our circulatio[…]

Issue 3 (April 2011)

Welcome once again to your FREE issue of SLAP Magazine, looking forward to yet another great month of local arts and performances. With another jam packed issue of your news, your bands, your art, rev[…]

Issue 4 (May 2011)

At last, We have finally put to bed the 4th edition of Slap. We have done the unthinkable and crammed in an action packed 56 pages!! We have been working not only on Good. Friday but the Bank Holiday […]

Issue 5 (June 2011)

Well, another month has come and gone. We took a week’s holiday to the Algarve, the world never ended on May 21st, just a volcano disrupting a few flights here and there hence here we are with the 5[…]

Issue 6 (July 2011)

Issue 6 has landed and we have another action packed issue for you to get into. With plenty of local festivals to read about, some coming up and some for us to recover from! We are not short of things[…]

Issue 7 (August 2011)

Welcome to Issue 7, The Slappers have had another fine month of music, mayhem and mischief. We have fully recovered from a few local festivals and looking forward to lots more in August including the […]

Issue 8 (September 2011)

Issue 8 of Slap has landed and it’s another colourful one this month. The opposite has to be said of the British August weather! But we still braved it and enjoyed malarkey and mayhem at festivals t[…]

Issue 9 (October 2011)

Hello Slappers, thanks once again for picking up your copy of Slap Magazine – October Issue. It’s another bumper edition packed into 48 colourful pages for all you boys and ghouls! It’s been an in[…]

Issue 10 (November 2011)

Welcome once again to the world of SLAP. Who would have thought we’d have got to the 10th issue sane and unscathed? We bring you another packed issue thanks to all our lovely contributors who keep u[…]

Issue 11 (December 2011)

Welcome to our 11th and final issue of 2011, does anyone know where the time has gone? We once again would like to thank everyone that got involved with us during the year, submitting reviews, photogr[…]
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