Hello and welcome to the October edition of SLAP Magazine. In this issue we celebrate the last local festival of the year with our front cover image of former local girl Rachel Clutterbuck of Rachel by the Stream. It was taken during her performance at the SLAP event at this years Worcester Music Festival. There are more highlights from the event which took place at the Arts Workshop with a montage of images from Brown Now Photography on page 25. Check out theWorcester Music Festival photography competion news on page 11 and my entry below...

It was a wonderful day made special by some amazing acts performing for free at just one of the many events across the City during the festival which took place from 30th August to 1st September. Id like to thank Collective 43, Jenny Ludlow, XOVA, Madi Stimpson, Juey, Machine Breakers, Rachel by the Stream, Dogs of Santorini, Mr Shankly, Nudybronque, Rattlin Doors and Johnny Kowalski & the Sexy Weirdos for taking part at the SLAP event.

In the last few issues I have mentioned the forthcoming SLAP TV which is the brainchild of the wonderful Mr Ralph Titley of Kane TV, Pyramid Party and Malvern Rocks. You can now see the fruits of his vision on line at slapmagtv.wordpress.com.

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