It’s the end of another crazy time here at SLAP. Having moved into new premises ‘twice’ this year I’m looking forward to our annual January break

Hence this being a double issue. As we celebrate (I think that’s the right word) the completion of our third full year in print we take a look back over 2013 and look forward to 2014 with Andy O’hare. We also take a peek at the progress of SLAP Tv and the great things coming up there.

As well as the gig previews and reviews, we have our usual news from Worcester Arts Workshop and the Boars Head Gallery who along with the pub celebrate the film premiere ‘The Boars Head’! Exciting times! News too of another community project gathering momentum in Evesham called Imagine.

The one piece of sad news we had this month was the tragic passing of Sicknote dancer and loveable legend Doctor Conker. The band are big favourites here at SLAP and he will be sorely missed by us all.

That just leaves me to once again thank all our contributers and readers and wish you all a marvellous Winter Solstice and a happy new year

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