Take a look back at our printed editions of SLAP Mag from 2014, all issues are free to download.

SLAP Magazine, has been available in a print format since February 2011, and is distributed throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Issue 34 (February 2014)

Hello everyone and welcome to issue 34 of SLAP. We’re already a 12th of the way through the year and with all those new year resolutions out the window, we turn our attention to what’s com[…]

Issue 35 (March 2014)

Hello one and all and welcome to Spring. The flood waters have gone so lets hope its a dry summer with no festival wash outs! With some great local festivals just around the corner there’s […]

Issue 36 (April 2014)

Hi and welcome to a jam packed SLAP issue 36 in which we bring you news and views of many art & music events throughout the Shires. We have interviews with bands, artists, filmmakers and event or[…]

Issue 37 (May 2014)

Hi all and thanks for reading this, our 37th issue of SLAP – A great issue it is too… There is so much going on this month I really don’t know where to start! Firstly we’ve had a[…]

Issue 38 (June 2014)

Another crazy month has passed us by in what seems like no time at all. In this issue we catch up with local faves Cantaloop on the music scene and our featured artist Kidderminster’s Dom Dunlea. A[…]

Issue 39 (August 2014)

Hello Folks, did you miss us? If we had a rest last month we certainly had to make up for it with this issue, but we are pleased to return with a brand new look to our humble magazine. With so m[…]

Issue 40 (September 2014)

Hello and welcome to the September issue of SLAP in which we look back on the August local festival scene with many fond memories. Will Munn takes us back to Lakefest where the big hitters f[…]

Issue 41 (October 2014)

Welcome to the October issue of SLAP Magazine which marks the end of a glorious summer of festivals for us. In fact I write my editorial from the Forest of Dean, home to the wonderful Something else […]

Issue 42 (November 2014)

Welcome to the November issue of SLAP Magazine and another packed issue it is too. If you thought for one minute things might start to go quiet around these parts then think again!We’ve spent so[…]

Issue 43 (December 2014)

Hello and thanks for picking up your free copy of SLAP, the last one for another year, and what a year it’s been!This is always the hardest edition of the year to put together as it’s officially[…]
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