Take a look back at our printed editions of SLAP Mag from 2015, all issues are free to download.

SLAP Magazine, has been available in a print format since February 2011, and is distributed throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Issue 44 (February 2015)

Hello and a belated Happy New Year to you all!As we go headlong into our 5th term we are hopeful of a great year ahead for the local music and arts scenes. Other noteable anniversaries include a 1[…]

Issue 45 (March 2015)

February: all doom and gloom they say but dontcha believe it, especially when you read where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to.In this our issue 45(!) we report from the wilds of Herefordsh[…]

Issue 46 (April 2015)

In a mad media world where there is intense Zayn pain (sorry 1D fans) and mass outrage because an odious oaf get’s sacked for punching a colleague, we at Slap like to think we bring a touch more artis[…]

Issue 47 (May 2015)

One of the hardest things about running SLAP mag is what to ‘leave out’ on deadline day. The advertising keeps growing which enables us to get bigger and to keep this as a free and valid publicati[…]

Issue 48 (June 2015)

You really know that the festival season is upon us when the deluges descend and at the time of writing we’re hoping that the precipitation pisses off for wonderful Wychwood. And talking of festivals […]

Issue 49 (July 2015)

Hello and thanks for picking up your free copy of the July issue of SLAP. July already? What happened to June? I here you say… In last months editorial I talked about the sheer amount of local fes[…]

Issue 50 (August 2015)

You are holding in your greasy, grasping mitts a slice of history, a momentous, monumental manifestation – yes Slap Magazine has reached 50!No we can’t quite believe it either. This quinquagenaria[…]

Issue 51 (September 2015)

Look it’s my genetic imperative, I have to mention the weather. So Thank You Very Much Summer, if that’s what you call yourself. Welcome and come on in Autumn you can’t be any worse..? If you were/[…]

Issue 52 (October 2015)

It is with more than a little pride that I pen this piece as September draws to a close in fine sunny style.Firstly I am immensely proud to have been part of the wonderful Worcester Music Festival[…]

Issue 53 (November 2015)

I sat down the other night in a rare, quiet at home moment – resplendent in kimono, brandy balloon comfortably cradled (Get on with it! Sub Ed), compiling a list of possible gigs and shows I’d like to[…]

Issue 54 (December 2015)

OK elephant/room time: the Feast of Conspicuous Consumption is nigh and everyone who is even vaguely of my acquaintance will be well aware that my C*******s contemptuousness knows no bounds.Yes I […]
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