Take a look back at our printed editions of SLAP Mag from 2016, all issues are free to download.

SLAP Magazine, has been available in a print format since February 2011, and is distributed throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Issue 55 (February 2016)

As if the drizzle-mizzle, bug-ridden start to the usual post-festive New Year blues wasn’t bad enough, the Rock Gods of Mt Olympus decided to claim a few more for their own. Afore year’s end we had a[…]

Issue 56 (March 2016)

As we gingerly edge out of hibernation and march into spring (geddit??), thoughts turn to venturing out as the gigging and events calendars fill out. We are a small but dedicated team at Slap and do […]

Issue 57 (April 2016)

OK where did March go eh??! One minute we were like ‘looking forward to Spring’ and then ‘Woah – clocks forward – April’s here!’ As the sun peeps out ever more (hopefully) thoughts turn to the outs[…]

Issue 58 (May 2016)

Last month ended on yet another sad musical note as Prince left this plane, if indeed he ever inhabited the same one as us mere mortals. Certainly not everyone’s cup of Darjeeling but few could den[…]

Issue 59 (June 2016)

Ch..ch..ch.ch..changes as a great man once sang. In our unstable times the arts in general are perched precariously on a seemingly permanent precipice and all are consequently likely to suffer. Th[…]

Issue 60 (July 2016)

June was a curious month all round it has to be said. Whether your interests lie in referendums, football, weather, whatever… it just got curiouser and curiouser. The Arts as ever will doubtless ge[…]

Issue 61 (August 2016)

Well July was fun, from what I can remember anyway! We certainly got around… There was the Upton Blues Festival followed closely by Nozstock followed very closely by a certain magazine deadline.[…]

Issue 62 (September 2016)

Happy September to one and all I trust you had a wonderful August… We here at Slap have been having a blast this summer and August was no exception. In this issue we report back from the wonderful […]

Issue 63 (October 2016)

Hi everyone and welcome to the October edition of Slap Magazine. We are just back from the wonderful ‘Something Else in the Dean’ near Newent, Gloucestershire, to dive headlong into the Slap deadl[…]

Issue 64 (November 2016)

Hello and welcome to SLAP November ’16 issue, in which we bring you news, reviews and previews from around the three counties and beyond. If you thought for one moment things were going to quieten dow[…]

Issue 65 (December 2016)

Hello folks and thanks for picking up your copy of Slap magazine, the last one of the year, and what a year it has been! I had hoped to write my editorial on a positive note looking back over 2016 but[…]
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