Take a look back at our printed editions of SLAP Mag from 2017, all issues are free to download.

SLAP Magazine, has been available in a print format since February 2011, and is distributed throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Issue 66 (February 2017)

Hello everyone and a belated ‘Happy New Year’ to you all! Welcome to issue 66 as we head into our seventh year of SLAP publication.I would usually at this point write with optimism as we look […]

Issue 67 (March 2017)

Well February shot by in the blink of an eye and here we are again! Welcome to the March edition of Slap. I was hoping to say ‘Spring is in the air’ but I’ve just seen the weather forecast and i[…]

Issue 68 (April 2017)

Welcome to Article 68 – the April edition of SLAP Magazine. We look back on a ‘messy’ March and look forward to a slightly calmer spring, before summer erupts in a frenzy of sunshine and festivals[…]

Issue 69 (May 2017)

Hello there and thanks for picking up your free copy of SLAP Magazine. It’s a jam packed issue and space has been extremely tight so apologies to those who sent in contributions for our editorial an[…]

Issue 70 (June 2017)

Hi and welcome to issue 70 of your free SLAP Magazine – and another bumper edition it is too. In fact I think I’ll be spending most of June apologising for what I’ve had to leave out!If, like […]

Issue 71 (July 2017)

Well, summer has been good so far, so long as we can just concentrate on the weather and ignore all the politics…As usual we’ve been out and about checking out and reporting back from just a f[…]

Issue 72 (August 2017)

Hello readers, and welcome to the August issue of Slap – well there’s an opening line I didn’t think I’d get to write…Yes folks, it’s been a tough deadline following the come down from t[…]

Issue 73 (September 2017)

Hello everyone, August has come and gone in a flash it seems, as the festivals all blurred into one big crazy party, one which the inclement weather couldn’t spoil. In this issue we take a look[…]

Issue 74 (October 2017)

Hi and welcome to the October 2017 issue of Slap Magazine as the cooler Autumn weather signals the end of the festival year. A brilliant season it was too, full of great memories, great places and an […]

Issue 75 (November 2017)

Hello and welcome to the November edition of SLAP, the penultimate issue of the year, in which we take a look back on October shenanigans around the counties as well as looking forward to what this mo[…]

Issue 76 (December 2017)

Season’s greetings everyone and welcome to our 76th Issue which marks the completion of seven years of austerity, ‘er – I mean SLAP!!As usual we bring you all the arts news, arts festivals, ev[…]
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