Hello one and all and welcome to the December/January issue of SLAP Magazine which not only marks the start of another year, but it also marks the completion of 10 years of SLAP production.

Its been another eventful year with lots of great local arts and music to celebrate, but one which Im sure we can all agree has divided our communities in ways we havent seen since the 80s. I for one am looking forward to a time when the wounds dividing our society will be healed and we can once again be united in a pursuit for a better future.

Our front cover illustrates nicely one of four brand new festivals announced for next year in Worcester by the Arches Festivals and Severn Arts. Light Night Worcester takes place on the 16th January, inspired by the connections we have with each other and the world around us, with a programme of stunning light installations created by local and international artists, music by Worldbeaters LED drummers. Turn to page 13 for more information on this and three other festivals planned for next year.

Also within these pages we bring you news of the brand new Worcester Paint Festival which will feature street art, graffiti and urban art. If you would be interested in sponsoring a wall at your business thats just begging to become a canvas, the organisers would love to hear from you, there is more detail on page 6.

February 2019 saw the first Love the Arbo event, with ordinary people doing something extraordinary by creating an outdoor light gallery in the Arboretum, Worcester. The Arboretum Residents Associations aim is to get as many participants as possible to really light up the area with displays in front windows and gardens. Love The Arbo welcomes people from all areas and all ages to this event.

So we at SLAP get a month off in January, so be good to each other and well see you on the other side folks.

Light - Ed

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