Poster for Black Planet a night of Gothic hued music

Black Planet – a night of Gothic hued music
The Gupshill Manor, Tewkesbury
3rd June 2023

For those who grew up in Tewkesbury the bucolic Gupshill Manor pub, or the affectionately nicknamed Guppy, is always spoken about with a reverence that only your local pub can inspire. Therefore, it is fitting local Record Shop owner Mel Hardy is hosting another of his reputable themed disco nights in the superb function room of our Guppy

Devotees of the Gothic hued genre welcome to…“Black Planet”.

Taking inspiration from bands such as the Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees and Depeche Mode, the evening promises a contemporary disco of familiar anthems. Championing bands such as Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode and the Mission the evening ensures a soundtrack that will take you back to your first awkward kiss. Your night’s playlist will no doubt include Depeche Mode, New Model Army and everything in-between, taking you back to when you first practised those ambitious dance steps in your poster-splattered bedroom.

On the night the video screens will be in place, the dancefloor will be decorated and the room dressed as the informed are aware; I guess in in this instance “in any colour you want as long as it is black” as Henry Ford famously declared of his production line model.

These themed nights offered up by Mel Hardy are no “production-line” nights out. The thought and preparation are obvious to all who have attended. Accordingly, the host’s affable character is reflected in the easy-going and relaxed atmosphere of his well- attended and impressive events.

Just to impress upon you, keep Saturday June 3rd free in your diary and don’t go looking for an excuse not go. We know your favourite band t-shirt is more of a muted grey instead of black and, of course, fits a little too snuggly but what the hell? The Guppy has been supplying excellent nights out and sweet memories since the 15th Century and Mel Hardy is working hard to ensure this trait continues…

Tickets are available online at or in the shop at 6 Church Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5PA but you had better be quick!

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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