Cover of Blur by Chlorine Single

New single “Blur” by Chlorine was unleashed into the wild on 19th February after being worked on remotely throughout lockdown. This 5 piece alt rock band from the Midlands, who formed in 2017, kick off this track with a pulsating guitar riff which continues on to be joined by a beguiling drum beat over a resonating stream of chords to hypnotise your ears. The tempo builds before the vocals jump on board. A song about realising you are better off without someone you once treated like a Queen memories becoming a blur, lyrics spill out in a punk/rock sound that kind of takes me down the path of The Cure and Joy Division, in the way that they are almost spoken yet melodic.

The grittier and heavier accompanying music however turns to more modern day rock, serving up a musical plate of ingenuity. Between each round of the chorus, the verses vary in tempo and the sense of angst seems to build with the tension of the story, rising each time like a volcano nearing its explosive point. Musically this band and it’s members are masters at their own games, and the musical bridge shows aptitude and flair. The last minute of the song becomes a shouty rant to really drive home the point that the more time goes on, the more it’s realised that the relationship was definitely holding the singer back, and they are, without question, better off without the other person.

One of the joys of this song is that is doesn’t feel repetitive, it changes and evolves in imaginative ways, yet still manages to grasp onto a sense of being whole, with innovative hooks that run along almost in your subconscious. The song ends on a lingering note, a deep breath after letting out ones feelings.

Mixed and mastered by Mooses Music Hole, a studio based in Willenhall, this piece of music is screaming out for a mosh pit of fans to jump around to it. With a few singles and an album already under their rock star belts, this band is showing they are in this game for the haul. Appealing to fans of Nirvana, Tool and Basement, the band uses catchy lyrics and heavy riffs to convey songs with subjects life love and depression.

With bands like this on the local scene, there’s gonna be one hell of a party round this neck of the woods when venues can finally reopen!

By: Kate Ford

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