Single cover for Blur in Time by Second Cities

When you have the utter pleasure of reviewing multiple tracks from the same band, you can’t help but fall in love with their music, their journey and their story a little more each time. I find myself connecting with their offerings, which just goes to show how music and lyrics can hook you, reel you in and leave you wanting more.

Second Cities have grown and grown since I was first introduced to their music through the world of reviews. Released on 21st June, “Blur in Time” shows even more progression, and is delivered to perfection. It’s a powerful and angst filled recital wrapped in a unbreakable pure rock conglomeration.

The intro starts with resonating notes alongside a ticking beat, already showing that its a softer track from these born rockstars. A whining guitar note takes us to the vocals , straight into the chorus, with the opening lyric “I see you, like a blur in time” being inspired by a “slow-shutter cityscape” photo that the band purchased for their rehearsal space. Vocalist Jamie also shows the seriously impressive vocal range he has in this track, with his softer side turning into his usual euphonious cries as the song plays out.

The thing I love about this band is the rawness of the lyrics and the way they are delivered, with the pain and suffering behind their meaning so easy to hear. The messages they put out there through the medium of music are poignant and thought provoking. spirited and real. There is a honest beauty in knowing that these tracks are born from real experiences, on matters that most struggle to talk about. Tied up amongst the musical bridge around the two minute mark, where the gallant, heroic and relentless riff delights us, is a struggle that we are invited to witness.

“Blur in Time” reflects on how depression and internal conflict can eat away at the time we spend with those we care about. If you’re looking for some seriously impressive and progressive guitar riffs, punching drum beats, and flesh ripped off the bone realness, this is the track for you. The band say that the aim for the song is to depict an understanding of the isolating feeling that accompanies poor mental health. As we play through the three minutes of the track, the feeling of torment and bitterness builds and builds.

The track ends with a final cry, both abruptly, yet quietly..almost like a battle lost, as one never really gets over or beats mental health issues. They can fade, they can hide away for a while, but the fight is never over. Just paused.

More and more is being understood about mental health these days, but to have real experiences presented to us in such a way that allows us to block out the world and get lost in a moment for a few minutes, means more than bands like this realise, to a lot of people.

Recorded at Steel City Studios with Kerrang! winning producers Phil, Callum and J, this track will sit alongside the likes of Sum 41 and My Chemical Romance, as Second Cities go from strength to strength with every release.

By: Kate Ford

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