The Top Dog Film Festival

The Top Dog Film Festival is bounding into the UK with its first ever virtual events this December and January.

The Top Dog Film Festival features a collection of heart-warming films celebrating the incredible bond between dogs and their human companions, and viewers (and pets) can watch from the comfort of their sofa.

Humans and dogs share a unique connection, and this brand-new collection of films celebrates the remarkable canine companions that bring happiness to our lives,” says tour director Nell Teasdale. 

“Whether you’re a dog owner or just like animals, these films are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and fall in love with man’s best friend all over again.” 

From hard-working sheep dogs to pristinely pampered pooches, this brand-new selection of short films involves moving, uplifting and inspiring tales about our four-legged friends. The virtual events also include a live prize draw for lots of pup-related goodies. A fantastic family-friendly night in to beat the lockdown blues.

The show takes place on 15 January. For info and tickets go to: 

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