Photo of dirt track for Clevelode Self titled Album cover

Paul Newland, aka the mastermind behind new project Clevelode, releases debut album ‘Clevelode.’ Known for being one half of The Lowland Hundred, Paul walks into this new chapter with confidence and poise. Kicking the folk infused album off in style, ‘Empathy’ is a slow ballad that pulls at the heart-strings. Entering with a dark, melancholic tone to the album, this poetic number will resonate with many.

‘Hiding My Sadness Away’ blends traditional folk elements with subtle tinge of country in it’s mix. A soothing track that’s the perfect antidote for getting over a long day. ‘There Is Rain Thirty Miles Away’ showcases how strong Paul’s vocal is, and especially his vibrato. The third track on the album is gently influenced by blues and keeps the same rhythm as the rest of the songs so far. 

‘A Lovers Embrace’ is delicate, and intimate. A ballad straight from the heart, this is one of the stand out moments on the album simply because of it’s simplicity. Warming and reassuring, the imagery within this track is breathtaking. ‘The Weight of the Past’ is truly powerful. With the album being part of Paul’s growth after a difficult period in his personal life, you can truly hear every emotion through these tracks. 

‘Don’t Grow Up’ features an eerie backing sound that feels like it’s come straight out of heaven. Angelic and the light in what sounds like Paul’s darkness, ‘Clevelode’ takes listeners through a journey of moving on. Album closers ‘ Two Clocks on Lombard Street’ and ‘Hope In The Dark’ conclude the album in true Paul Newland style, with a guitar and astonishing vocals. This album is a real experience for you to get lost in. Sounding influenced by the likes of Roger Waters, Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Clevelode will bring tears to your eyes and shivers down your spine. 

By: Chloe Mogg

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