SLAP Mag Editorial May 2020

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting the SLAP Online Magazine May 2020 ‘Virtual Issue’.

Everyone here at SLAP hopes you and yours are are keeping safe. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones, or who are suffering in any way at this time. Of course we want to thank those on the front line in the pandemic and all the essential workers out there, keeping us going while we tap away on our keyboards at home keeping out of the way. 

How is ‘Lockdown’ going for you? I’m sure like us, you’re feeling pretty frustrated right now. Not just because there are no events, shows, gigs, festivals, exhibitions, speak easy and open mics etc. etc… But because we don’t know when or even if, they’ll happen again anytime soon…

So you’ll notice that for the time being at least we’ve been mainly covering new releases and videos which seem to be coming in thick and fast. But what other ways are local musos getting busy? With studios and creative video editing software, even jamming live online. The possibilities are there so let’s see what can happen. 

The biggest and possibly most important positive innovations of Lockdown in the arts, is the emergence of more ‘Live Streaming Events’. We’ve immersed ourselves in a good few live performances from the homes of musicians giving hours of entertainment. DJs too bringing good vibes into our homes… But we want to see more and we want to let people know! So if you’re planning on a live online event just go to “add like streaming events”, complete a simple form and we will make sure people know about it!  We also want to know about your regular Podcasts, and who or what you’re playing, and link to your shows. 

The arts are getting involved online in different ways too, such as our features on Meadow Arts with online lessons and special broadcasts. We want to encourage all the creative people in the three counties and beyond to share ways to enjoy art at home. Who knows where this lockdown will lead us creatively?

Keep safe everyone…

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